Want a true Southern bloody mary drink?

Ditch the Gloop!

Tired of feeling like you’re drinking a bloody cup of sludge? So were we. After decades of trial and error, we at Tommy’s have concocted a lighter, zestier mix than any of our competitors.

With the refreshingly sweet flavor of tomato on your lips and a delicious peppery kick on your tongue, it is hard to imagine a mix that can even come close to comparison.

It's in the Mix...

The difference comes from the quality. Plain and simple. When you buy a bottle of Tommy’s, you’re getting only the finest of ingredients.  Besides from using only the best tomato juice as our base, here’s what we put in a bottle of Tommy’s to give it that one-of-a-kind taste:


Adding to the depth of flavors, our Worcestershire gives Tommy's a subtle, smokey flavor


This adds the delightful kick you get from every sip of Tommy's

Old Bay Seasoning

This spice is like the finishing touch, making the perfectly flavored Bloody Mary mix

Lemon & Lime

These two juices provide a bright pop of citrus, and helps balance all of the other flavors

Clam Juice

It wouldn't be the best Bloody Mary mix without this!

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Where to Find Us

You can grab a bottle (or three) of Tommy’s Bloody Mary Mix at these amazing liquor stores & restaurants: