Homegrown is more than a mindset...

It's in our DNA.

Tommy’s Bloody Mary Mix was born in South Carolina from a family tradition spanning decades to perfect. See about our history in our About page. The idea of being homegrown affects everything we do as a business.

We start locally – from our headquarters in South Carolina, a growing list of retail businesses and restaurants committed to serving the best Bloody Mary mix.  From there we have expanded to distribution in the Carolinas and Georgia.


It's in our Ingredients.

We have a commitment to source our ingredients from the United States, which is no small feat! Here’s some of the key ingredients that makes our Bloody Mary mix so special:



Adding to the depth of flavors, our Worcestershire gives Tommy's a subtle, smokey flavor


This adds the delightful kick you get from every sip of Tommy's

Old Bay Seasoning

This spice is like the finishing touch, making the perfectly flavored Bloody Mary mix

Lemon & Lime

These two juices provide a bright pop of citrus, and helps balance all of the other flavors

Clam Juice

It wouldn't be the best Bloody Mary mix without this!